Gillette Goodwill 1931 (V259)

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The Gillette Goodwill is quite a scarce razor as it was only made for one year, and yet they come in various models. The concept behind it was to introduce a new blade system using existing models and parts. As you would see it has quite a bit of pedigree from the 1920's pocket edition. This is the start of Gillette using razor blades as we see them today in that it has diamond shape in the blade that makes out part of the blade fitment/alignment characteristics. This was a move to oust the competition and restrict consumers to only their own products by means of offering a new blade with a patented design. This way of doing business will become an important part of Gillette's growth and domination of the industry. This very same campaign has had a huge impact on business as we know it, and has given rise to the 'Razor and blade business model' whereby you sell something cheaply (or even give it away) to 'trap' consumers into using your own products such as consumables that can only be supplied by a single company, thereby giving the seller the edge in pricing as there are no direct competition to push down prices.

Interesting bit of history!  

The razor weighs 51 grams and stand 82 mm high. This razor has great teeth and a small crack on the lower end of the barrel!