Gillette Red tip E2 1959 (V119)

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The Gillette Red tip is a windgat litte razor that was manufactured from the mid to late 50's. The Red tip and Blue tip razors were made for only a short period of time (1955-1959) and were added as additional razor choices for the very popular Flare tip razor, a middle-of-the-road-razor enjoyed by most users. The red tip was made heavier and more aggressive than the standard Flare tip, while the Blue tip were lighter and milder. The red and blue tipped razors were discontinued when the Fatboy (195 razor) came to market in 1958 it's adjustability suggested that it could replace the colour coded razors in the series. The standard Flare tip remained in production and was later replaced by the black handled Super speed, available up to 1986. The production life of the Super Speed razor was 1942 to 1986, 44 years of mowing down stubble, quite a feat! The Red tip stands 84 mm high and weighs 66 grams. Grab one if you can, as these are getting scarcer all of the time!

The razor has a TTO (twist to open) function, enabled by twisting the red 'Flare tip' anti-clockwise to open the doors, and clockwise to close the doors once you have loaded the blade.

The razor is in good condition with no damage apart from expected wear and tear. This is an 'undercover' red tip as most of the red had disappeared from the tip, and we think it looks quite cool. Feel free to take something very sharp and remove the last bits in the grooves while watching soapy's with the missus.