Gillette Slim adjustable, Aristocrat version J1 1964 (V340)

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Another great find in the form of a golden Aristocrat model of the Gillette slim. This razor is identical to the Standard Slim nickel plated razor excepting that it is plated in 22 Carat gold. It was introduced in 1961 (G-3) while the Standard Fatboy was still being produced and was manufactured until 1967 (M-3). Its original retail list price was $5.00 and its official name was the Gillette Aristocrat Adjustable Razor. The plating on these razors are very quick to go, so finding one in this condition is a hen's teeth scenario indeed. If this was mine I'd use it sparingly to preserve its condition. 

The Gillette Slim adjustable is the younger, sleeker, slightly taller boet of the Fatboy, it is pretty much the same razor, only with the Fatboy being a bit more popular, possibly as they are a bit scarcer and because they were the models to introduce adjustability to the Gillette brand, thus making it a 'milestone' razor. The shave quality is much the same, with the Fatboy offering a bulky look, and is heavier in hand, while the slim brings a slimmer appearance, a bit more mobility, maneuverability and lighter weight to the party. The head on the slim looks te be a tad flatter also, and many shavers do in fact prefer the slim over their chunkier bro's. If in two minds about which one will favour your face do the logical thing and get one of each! These razors will remain popular and in demand for many years to come. 

The razor has 9 settings that clicks into position as you twist the dail below the head. The razor has a butterfly mechanism that opened when the knob at the bottom end of the razor is turned. It stands 90 mm high and weighs 71 grams.

The case is in pretty bad shape as it is in two parts with hinges broken out (with some of the plastic), but it has a cool instruction card to make up for it, I bet most users of slims did not know they had to 'lock it'!? This is the closest to perfect condition razor in this model I have come across, the faded, uniform look on the inner tray says to me this razor has not seen water or soap, if it does not sell before 2028 it will become my son's for his 21's birthday for sure!