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Bunnychows, great surf and beach vibes are not the only things Durbs produce, in our search for SA's finest products for men we have come across Sonal. He has been making soaps since 1999, and dedicated the range as a tribute to his Uncle Gilly, how cool is that! He produces small batches of a great shaving soap and is an avid supporter of the move towards cleaner, better living. It delivers improved shaves and gives Nemo a second lease on life as you are not polluting his habitat with nasty chemicals and single use items. If you are on a mission to avoid parabens, SLS or other weirdly named stuff you don't have the time to research, get some of this in your cupboard. We love this soap, but we are not your face, so be sure to test this one out and find a place for it in your cupboard if you dig it. The soaps are made with unrefined shea butter, avocado and cocoa butters, caster oil, stearic acid, clays, glycerin and plant based essential oils. The fragrance profiles as below;

Buddy. Sandalwood and Rosewood.

Nature Boy. Aloe vera, Chamomile and Spearmint.

Unforgettable. Cinnamon, Patchouli, Bay and Bergamot.

Lush life. Cedarwood, Bay, Bergamot and Lime.

Customer Reviews

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Edouard de Villiers
Great scents, but...

I bought both the Unforgettable and Nature Boy scents of this soap. In both cases I lathered up with a boar bristle brush.

The Nature Boy scent lathered up quite alright, with the aid of huge amounts of water which just seems to disappear into the ether with this soap.
Cushion, slickness, residual-slickness and post-shave feeling were all good.
The scent is very refreshing and a 1:1 dupe of the scent of Stimorol's Spearmint chewing gum.

The Unforgettable scent gave me a bit more trouble, as it just didn't want to create much of a lather when face lathering and it "deflated" after being on the face for a while. I finished the shave, but I definitely didn't feel the cushioning/protection that I would've liked during the process. The post-shave feel was OK afterwards, because of that, but not as good as with Nature Boy.

Overall, I feel that if this soap maker is still operational, they should consider reformulating the soap to make it more competitive with other SA-made products. Honestly, I consider Bundu, MSC, Wriggly Tin, Riverlea and Reizer to be above Gilly's performance.

Huge quantities of water recommended

I have a jar of the “unforgettable” that I am busy with right now. The stuff smells absolutely amazing, Face lather like a dream, but dry out very quickly when shaving with warm water.

I find that using large quantities of Cold water really improves the experience.

Nice smell, but dries out

The smell of this soap is unforgetable: Pan cakes and old-style fireballs bought the shoppie on the corner. Nice nostalgic trips down memory lane is almost guaranteed. It makes a nice, thick lather without much trouble, but watch your face while shaving. The lather has a tendency to dry outrather quickly. It may be just my skin type, but it makes my face feel a bit stiff after shaving. I believe it may dry out my skin just a tiny bit. Will I buy it again? I do not think so.

Jeff Drucker
Delightful soaps!

I have all four of these soaps and I love them. Great lather, they all smell beautiful, and they have excellent postshave care. Highly recommended!