Glam Sam (CB247)

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a Rough and tough woodsman dressed up for a night on the town in a bit of bling. Hardekool with a gloss Polyeurothane coating, I am not a huge fan of coatings, but many are and this is not for me, so if this tickles your fancy feel free to chop...oops shop away!

Nice form, function, weight and grip, not much here not to like The natural knurl in barberpole fashion just loves a middlefinger curling around it. Claw it with the first three fingers while it sits on your ringfinger, and you are in the zone.  

This hardekool brush is fitted with a 26 mm Silvertip knot, it weighs 87 grams, stands a 110 mm high with a loft of 56 mm. The brush is 31 mm on the most narrow section.

Glam Sam has a plan if you are his man!