Golden Gem Micromatic Bullet (V186)

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This Gem steps right out of the 1930's and continue with the trend of the time to deliver extremely durable razors with great finishes in a single edged format. Interestingly GEM did have a double edged blade at some stage to try and compete with the tons of double edged blades, but never quite stood up to the competition.

There are many things that makes these razors unique, and a must have for any discerning shaver, one of them being the interesting shaving position of the head, it must be placed near-flat to your face and is actually quite user-friendly, despite its bad-ass axe-like appearance! Another cool factor is that it is the only twist-to-open (TTO) single edge razor available to this day, and apart from its uniqueness, the shave quality is the bomb! When buying these razors second hand make sure the blade stops are in place, as they are crucial to keep the blade in the correct position, and one obviously wants a razor that is in a original, working condition. 

Loading a blade is quick and straight forward, This razor is one of the 'least intimidating' early vintage single edge razors to use, so if you always wanted something old but useable, and built like a brick sh!thouse this is the one for you. We anticipate getting many more of these and selling them to guys to collect and use for their daily shaves, I do think South Africans are going to fall in love with these...

The razor weighs 63 grams and measures around 92 mm tall. Each razor is supplied with 10 blades, and blades will be kept in stock from here on out.

Nice 'houding' on this razor!