Grizzly shaving soap

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A real beast of a soap that will go the distance in economy and performance. This shaving soap is perfect for wet (traditional) shaving, it produces thick, dense lather, and does not dry the skin, it's soapy goodness lathers fairly quick and easy and provides a great shave. It has a light herbal fragrance and will go down well with men and women alike.

The puck is soft enough to easily squeeze into your container of choice, without any grating or remelting required, our plastic jars are perfect for this purpose, rack 'em and stack 'em we say! This is an all natural shaving soap that contains no clay, yet it offers comfortable levels of slip and glide. a Fifteen second brush load followed by 60 seconds of brush action gave us enough lather on a 20 mm Silvertip brush for a two pass shave, and we could more than likely have squeezed out a third. Give this one a go as a daily driver or move it into your soap gallery and rotate it into your routine every time you feel like it. The 100% natural puck weighs around 90 grams, and will fit any suitable soap container or jar. 

Ingredients: Soy wax, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, water, essential oils. 


Customer Reviews

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Grizzly shaving soap

Very happy with this , love the clean smell and the size of the puck - will last quite a while .Lathering up is adequate and foamy enough for a decent shave .


This is the worst shaving soap I ever used. Almost no lather and no protection. Post shave feels like a grass burn. Highly recommend not to waste money on this shaving soap.

Ashley Van Staden
What a Beast!!!!

What a soap!!! It is not very scented, but its charm lies in its subtlety, its quick lathering - with both boar and synthetic brushes, and its quality constituents that lubricates, protects and leaves an oh so smooth finish.