Hair and beard comb


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This is nice piece of kit and we love it's compact size, even if it was a longer comb we would seriously consider going back to safari suits and long, colour-coded pull up socks just to have a place to keep it! I must still find out what exactly the material composition is, but I believe it is a composite product made from recycled plastic and wood fibres, what baffled me was the smell of this comb, I turn a few wood species on the lathe and this smells a lot like Umboya. Importantly it is NOT made of MDF like many cheap and nasty products out there. I hope it turns out what I suspect it to be; a very durable comb that smells like wood, looks like wood, feels like wood, is tough as plastic and is made from recycled plastics and sawmill fibres, ingenious! Apologies for the bad pic of the safari-suit guys, for something as common as Boerewors a few decades back these pics are extremely hard to find, I think modern day hipsters should re-invent this classic old fashion phenomena (and practical solution for one damn long piece of plastic) into a hip and fashionable trend, what say thee?

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