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Hak houtjie, heel scrubber, callus rasp, foot file, pumice stone...call it what you will, but we all need to take care of our feet as they take us everywhere! This tool is handy to get your feet all smooth and good looking by removing old layers of skin allowing the new skin to finally see the light and do the job it was supposed to do! The base is a beautiful piece of Kiaat with two different grits of sanding paper glued to it, whether you have tough plaasjapie heels or delicate city-slicker ones, this tool offers scouring action in two uniform ways, you may use the rough grit on the rims of your heels and the finer grit around the hollow of your feet, all up to you. The long reach of the houtjie makes it easy to use, and mine has even doubled up as a 'wife-replacement-tool', scratching my back in places I cannot reach myself.

Although new skin forms slower on your feet than most other parts of your body, you should still have a look and give it some loving care every now and again. 

If the skin on your feet is generally crack free and looking healthy, you should give them some loving care and attention every two to four weeks, if your feet are severely cracked, dry, or callused, exfoliating once or twice a week with a tool such as this or some kind of rub should help prevent the buildup of hardened areas and maintain feet health. 

Clean the tool by rubbing over the build-up with a pencil eraser or old piece of hardened silicone from a tube that has dried out/cured. New sanding paper can also be cut and glued over the old paper, or directly to the wood if you have removed the old piece and old glue. Glue both sides, place new sanding paper pads carefully and then carefully place the tool on an old magazine, stacking a pile on top of that until the glue has set/cured. Make sure you don't move the magazines about as you may push the new sandpaper out of alignment and it will dry all scew and dysfunctional.

Use in/for good health.