Hand operated trimmer Oster '000'

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These cool trimmers pops up from time to time when we shop around for vintage razors and we'll always grab them when in good condition and at the right price. These trimmers were supposedly very popular in the second world war, keeping the soldiers in the trenches short and neat. If you like a short beard or head of hair and want something old school to maintain that style, this is for you. It cuts surprisingly easy and short, with the key factor being speedy hand action with a slowish forward momentum, I got it right first time round, there is no pulling of hair whatsoever, only if your action is too slow. This video will give you a nice perspective on its working action.

It's simple construction makes it easy to disassemble, clean, maintain and very robust, and as a bonus it will give your forearms a quick workout, go on and get your Gunnars pumping!

The clippers were made in the USA by Johns Oster MFG. Co, The company is well known for its small handheld power tools jigsaws, drills, circular saws, sanders, hair clippers, blenders, etc, now mostly branded 'Sunbeam'

This company was founded in 1924 to make a hand-operated hair clipper. After a lengthy period of diversification and expansion, in 1960 Oster became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunbeam Corp. of Chicago.

The clippers weigh around 125 grams.