Handmade shaving set in African Wild Olive wood.

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a Unique, hand made razor set with stand, razor and brush that will display beautifully in any bathroom. The African Wild olive timber comes from the Limpopo province, we prep and work the wood ourselves into smaller 'blanks' from which we create the brushes, handles and stands. 

Like most Wild Olive woods, the African version has warm, rich colours in yellow, light brown and dark brown, the patterns on this wood never disappoint, and can produce both vivid, wild looking pieces or subtle, faded items.

This set comes with a 160 gram tub of our glycerine based Sandalwood soap in a jar, and also 50 razor blades from various brands, enough consumables to last a daily shaver for an entire year!

It is important to try as many possible brands of blades to find your personal favourite, when you stock up for year 2, you only buy the brand that worked best for you.

Each set comes with a sample of our 'My Bliksem' aftershave balm, this balm is also used to nourish the wooden components of your new shaving set as, and when the user feel the need, wipe on, wipe off, simple to use!

We list various African Wild Olive shaving sets under this item, all of them will have different brush shapes, wood patterns, textures and hair knots. On some sets we incorporate 'natural defects' into the final product, but others are perfectly smooth and solid. If you have any specific requirements in terms of hair type or the set's appearance, please make contact so we can send you photos of the exact set you will receive, and if you are not happy with it, we will do our best to adjust it to your liking.

a Perfect gift... handmade, individual, damn pretty and it will save him money while providing fine, close shaves!