Hand painted African themed bowl and cup set.

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I for one love the vibrancy, colours, animals and people (well.. let's exclude politicians) of our continent. Africa has been pumping through our veins for many generations and we won't trade it for any country in the world, not even if kangaroos developed the ability to mine bitcoin in their pouches! These sets are hand painted by Unice who rolls around Jozi and Pretoria looking for new markets for her goods and plying her trade. She, like many of us hussles morning to night to make ends meet, and she does this by painting earthenware, doing bead work, making basketry items and selling perfumes; opportunities in Africa don't come around, you make them! As a shaving set this setup works well; the bowl works in harmony with our soap when you lather right on the soft stuff, the huge rim allows for massive amounts of creamy lather, you might want to consider a good brush to get full use of this bowl. The cup hold your razor and brush, and any other personal hygiene items you might want to put in there. These items are all individual, so there will be variances from our photos but that just makes them all that much cooler. Each set comes with a bar of our shaving soap that will give 300 to 500 shaves! Read here how to get our shaving soap in your bowl and use our soap. DO NOT MICROWAVE, the animals won't like that....Pop over to our razor and brush sections, get one of each and 10 packs of blades  and you are good for a year's worth of super vibey shaves. If you are looking for any fragrance in particular, have a look here, and simply make a note of your choice in the comments box when checking out

Very cool lady, very cool kit, please help us support local crafts people.