Hardekool and Yellowwood (CB251)

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Old school cool, a vintage style two-tone handle in a medium lengt WITH A BADGE! We are playing around with lasers thinking some solid brushes with solid colours may make good use of a bit of a op-sjoesh, this one the first test piece.

Have you ever tried aquiring some Knyskna Yellowwood? The stuff is hen's teeth! We have a small stash of reclaimed wood that we are unhappily working away at a steady pace, I doubt we will find any after this as it is not harvested anymore as far as I know. Try rolling your middle finger around the valley on the Hardekool section for a very comfortable grip. 

This brush weighs 67 grams and stands 108 mm tall with a loft of 52 mm, the waist measures 31 mm and the shoulders are 38 mm. 

The brush has a natural finish and comes with a sample of our 'My Bliksem' aftershave balm to be used to nurture the wood as required, do try the balm on your entire face after your shave also!

The brush is fitted with a 24 mm Silvertip brush in a fan shape. Old school cool that will make you drool!