Hardekool 'Breker' (CB241)

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'Breker' is an Afrikaans word for 'Tough guy', usually rough, bulky dudes that look for trouble if an environment that is too peaceful for their liking. This Hardekool chap won't go looking (or give you) trouble, but it is certainly buff and bulky. a Huge brush for the guy that needs a handful of grip to work the large 28 mm Finest two band knot good and proper into those whiskers before blading them to smithereens!

This brush weighs a whopping 149 grams, stands 144 mm tall with a loft of 60 mm, the waist measures 28 mm and the belly 43 mm.

Shaving brushes made from solid wood do not mind getting wet, the cycle of wet/dry is nothing to worry about, care should be taken when a brush dries out, as this is when cracks could occur, use a dollop of balm and give the brush a coating when/if placed in long term storage, but brushes are best preserved being used as often as possible. The brush has a natural finish and can be protected and nourished, or left to reveal a natural appearance. Use any natural oil/balm or wax, our 'My Bliksem' balm is a great medium to use as it is always available in your bathroom/house.