Hardekool chub (CB254)

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Hardekool is one of the most dense timbers in the world, and makes a great shaving brush handle, it gets a lighter colour when used continually and left untreated, but a quick rub and a wipe of our wood muti will have it back to deep, rich brown in no time at all.

It is a stubby brush with a fat, chunky handle and weighs 84 grams, it stands a 102 mm high with a loft of 62 mm. It is 35 mm wide on the narrow waist and 44 mm on its widest, so make sure your stand is sized accordingly, however this guy will prefer standing up straight all the time. The brush is fitted with a 30 mm Finest two band knot, and although set deeper than we normally do, still splays 'just enough' to look good. The brush is more of a bowl latherer than a face lathering tool, so paint away, its large enough to cover your entire head and cheeks in seconds!