Hardekool gripper (CB245)

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If there was a competition for brushes to see which one offered best grip based on material type, texture and shape this oke would be a serious contender, you can smear a kilogram of snot on it and still scoop it up as quicker than a T-shirt at an ANC-rally!

It is a chunky, stubby brush that offers loads of character and a two-tone colour scheme split vertically. The beaslt knot will produce beastly lathers, so use lots of soap with this one if huge lathers are your goal. Hardekool is one of the hardest timbers one can find commercially, it has houding, 'gees', presence and authority here in 'the States', treat it as such! 

This 'battered and bruised' brush is fitted with a 28mm High Mountain White knot. it weighs 95 grams, stands a 112 mm high with a loft of 58 mils. Just under 33 mm on the narrow waist so make sure your stand is sized accordingly, but this guy will love standing up straight all the time

Like a SA rugby player..large and strong, tough as nails but with well groomed hair for the Instagram profile!