Hardekool razor, brush and stand set with 'Barberpole' patterning (HKS3)

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This set is made from the wood of one of the most precious of African trees, the Hardekool, also known as the Leadwood, botanical name Combretum Imberbe. This is the very tree Elephants love to test their strength on as it is solid as a rock with a very high density. These tree grow hundreds of years old, with some growing older than a 1000 years, just imagine, the piece in your hand could be 'from the Middle ages', King Henry, Vikings, famine, witchery and folks burnt at the stake...crazy! 

This resource is getting very scare as it has been a famed bushveld fire/braai wood for decades, not many timber species have songs dedicated to them!  This set has 'Barberpole' patterning stress-brushed into the wood, it gives exceptional grip and a rustic appeal only Africa can offer. This set comes with a tub of our Sandalwood shaving soap and 50 razor blades, enough to last a daily shaver for an entire year!

We list various Hardekool shaving sets under this item, all of them will have various brush, razor and stand appearances; size, shade and form may differ, but they will all have 'Barberpole' patterning on the wood. On some sets we incorporate 'natural defects' into the final product, but others will have none, rest assured we will not sell anything with a compromised structural integrity. If you have any specific requirements in terms of hair type (knot) or the set's appearance, please make contact so we can send you photos of the exact set you will receive, we can make some adjustments, but please enquire about this before we ship your wares.