Hardekool stub (CB234)

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This brush is in a popular short handle shape and size, the Hardekool is smooth with some natural indents, cavities and scars that gives it a personality. The dark brown wood has deeper and darker streaks that are almost black, and they match the 24 mm Finest two band knot pretty nicely! 

This brush weighs 85 grams, stands 110 mm tall with a loft of 57 mm, the waist measures 30 mm and it is almost 40 mm in diameter on the foot section. 

Shaving brushes made from solid wood do not mind getting wet, the cycle of wet/dry is nothing to worry about, care should be taken when a brush dries out, as this is when cracks could occur, use a dollop of balm and give the brush a coating when/if placed in long term storage. The brush has a natural finish and comes with a sample of our 'My Bliksem' aftershave balm to be used to nurture the wood as and when required, do try the balm on your entire face after your shave also!