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Some more cool South African handiwork, this time by Ettienne Roux from the beautiful Nelspruit, he crafts his rings from various coins and materials and we expect to have some more types added to our inventory from time to time, they are just too cool not to list! Why his and hers? Well, you can obviously buy only one if you like, but the writing on the old half cents says 'Eendrag maak mag' and 'Unity is strength', that to us is just so befitting a marriage or relationship, we are better and stronger when looking after one another. The coins were minted from 1961 to 1964 and made of brass. Controversial old Jan van Riebeeck and Cape Sparrows features on the coin's sides in its original state, unfortunately both are cut out from the coin, it is simply part of the making process, and certainly not a 'politically correct' ring, its got way too much backbone and attitude for this. Come to think of it this coin should be very popular with some idiot politicians who reckons that history should/could be erased and more specifically Jan himself. Some more info and original appearance on the coin itself here. Interestingly the dude on the coin is Bartholomeus Vermuyden, and not old Jan himself, the government of the day actually screwed up by putting the wrong dude on the coins and notes, go figure... politicians just cannot get things right in SA! More info on real Jan here.