His & Hers Toiletry/Makeup bag sets.

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They say your luggage says a lot about who you are, but these shout it out!

There are times when a classical leather kit hits the mark, times for going compact and small, times for packing practical and times for packing large and ample, but when there are times you simply need to go for bold, crazy fun with loads of personality, this is the gear you need!

These awesome creations were made for us a loooooooong time ago by @africanuncle and we kept them set aside for listing in the springtime when things are colourful, green and bright, the season has finally arrived!

These locally made his and hers sets are made from African wax fabric that is lined with a PVC-inner for added water proofing. Apart from the radical eye catching colours and patterns there is a second cool-factor; the inners are made from up-cycled PVC used previously for advertising billboards, so you and the uncle are keeping trash out of the environment, we love that, don't you?

These fabrics are not available all the time, so some sets may never be replicated. @africanuncle uses suitable fabric he can get his hands on at the time, so be quick if you are bold enough to stand out in the crowd, if they are gone they may never re-appear!

The make-up bag is 29 cm long, 19 cm high, and has a base of 7 cm wide. The toiletry bag is 30 cm long, and about 12.5 cm wide by 12.5 cm deep, almost big enough to park a Dodge Ram!   

The designs are listed in the order that they appear on the photos below.