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This fragrance has some old school vibes blended with some modern day likings. I am not sure why, but the minute I smelled this fragrance it made me think of the prohibition period in the US, when guys and dolls dressed to kill, and times were wild and unpredictable. It does not quite fit in with our local SA theme, although I can definitely imagine the same sort of lavish parties and legendary characters in the cities of Cape Town, Kimberley, Johannesburg and a few other places during the 1920's. Totally non related, but if you Google 'Mafia South Africa' most of the images that comes up are those of politicians or their friends, go figure...      

Our Mafioso's Fedora has top notes of Lavender, Neroli and Bergamot. If middle notes were his neatly pressed suit it would surround this sinister character with Pepper, and Lilly of the Valley (we hope he did not deflower Lilly). His well shone, handcrafted footwear would tap the base notes of Leather, Moss, Sandalwood and Patchouli. The subtle blend of all of these fragrances would have a broad as popular as Lillian Gish give up her acting career to become a devoted wife to the man who was lucky enough to get his hand on a bottle of this stuff. If this fragrance was a funky tune I'll pair this one up with 'Papa was a rolling stone' by The Temptations. The summer version (frosted bottle) kicks you in the face like a good shot of Moonshine, while the winter version (clear bottle) is warm and inviting like Italian cuisine that has been simmering on the hot coals all day. 

This aftershave is alcohol based, with a mixture of natural and synthetic oils. We tried to get it to a level where it is not as drying as many alcohol based aftershaves out there, but also not too oily. The fragrance oils used are added in a higher concentration that is used by most brands, so the fragrance is strong and lasting, we are not fans of an aftershave that start limping after 60 minutes, so we zapped some extra energy into these formulations.