Jeanette 'Most perfect stropping machine'

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I have seen quite a few sharpening devices from yester-year, but never one like this! Razor blade stroppers were made to make the older carbon steel double edged blades last longer, modern day blades are coated making then more comfortable so I would not experiment with them, but why not get a few packs of vintage carbon steel blades from our website and get the true shaving sensation our predecessors had to be content with, and then also sharpen/strop them using this device.

a Quick google could not turn up any information, this may be a golden egg you are getting at a bargain, definately some collector value on this French lady! The box and instructions are not in the best of condition, but also adds value to this unique offering.

a Nice piece piece of history that is in great condition, the leather is subtle, soft and undamaged, and the strop works perfectly with the blade in the slot.