JJ Shorty straight (JJS9)

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Oh boy, here we go, we are being colonized by the Brits again, but this time they are using Chinese steel!

JJ Shaves is a small company from the UK that does something very cool that we have considered doing ourselves at one stage but simply never got time for, and looking at his offerings we won't need to! John June shortens Gold Dollar razors by chopping off the end, he also grinds the heel to have a more comfortable fit for your thumb and then he fits some cool scales replacing the tacky plastics the GD's are born with. This razor has handmade scales from purple acrylic, my friend Fat Dave had a Suzuki Katana in this colour and yellow... always leaked oil, and strong as a tank (the bike that is) Ahhhh the 80's and 90's...

These razors are nimble and quick, they are all in the 45 to 55 gram range, with a length of just over 150 mm in the closed position. Cutting edges are in the 45 mm range. We have some clients who love the Dovo Barbarosa, so this this basically the economy version of that. As with most things, your choice of razor is a very personal one, and you'd never know if the JJS is for you unless you have tried it, they look great, feels great in hand, shave lekka and is one of the cheapest custom razors out there, certainly worth a go for every person who digs the coolness of cutthroats! 

The sharpening progression is on Shapton synthetic stones with JNAT finishing.

Naniwa 400, 400 diamond plate slurry
Shapton 1500, 400 diamond plate slurry
Shapton 5000, 1000 diamond plate slurry
Shapton 8000, 1000 diamond plate slurry
Nakayama Mizu Asagi Maruichi Lv 5 1000 diamond plate slurry
Nakayama Mizu Asagi Maruichi Lv 5 Mejiro nagura slurry
Nakayama Mizu Asagi Maruichi Lv 5 Koma nagura slurry
25 laps Denim 
25 laps Hemp
100 laps cow hide
100 laps horse hide (kangaroo hide for smiling)