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JJ Shaves is a small company from the UK that does something very cool that we have considered doing ourselves at one stage but simply never got time for, and looking at his offerings we won't need to! John June shortens Gold Dollar razors by chopping off the end, he also grinds the heel to have a more comfortable fit for your thumb and then he fits some cool scales replacing the tacky plastics the GD's are born with. 

With his razors he also supplies his own branded strop. We know shavers like to pair their gear and enjoy using 'sets', and I have a feeling we'll see many JJ Shaves 'shorties & strops' pop up in your Facebook feeds. The strop is made from thinner leather, so it can be rolled up without the danger of cracking as you'd get with thicker strops, this feature makes this strop another great option to chuck in your koffer when cruising our beautiful country. The stropping surface is 400 mm long and 54 mm wide, and has a total length 580 mm, the leather is 2 mm thick. On the hanging and gripping ends you will find two 50 mm 'D-rings' held in place with 4 copper studs.

The stop is embossed with the logos of 'JJ Shaves' and 'Robert Gallacher stops from Scotland' at the top and bottom.