Johnny and Jesse

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I figured I'd name this father-and-son combo Johnny and Jesse, I am of course referring to the Cleggs, two South African musicians I love for their cool vibes, but even more so for their love of Africa. Just like the Cleggs these straight razor has a bit of 'foreign' blood in them, but is clear to see that they are children of this amazing continent, we are just loving the thrills and spills she offers us every day. Johnny is  75 mm long and 22 mm wide (full 7/8") He is made from high carbon steel with satin finish. The scales are made from oak, from there the 'britse blood'' The blade has a half hollow  grind and hardness is clocked between 61 -63 RC

Jesse is made up of the same stock, and only has a slimmer waist of 20 mm (full 6/8") That is just typical, us old farts battle to stay in shape.

Both feel very good in hand, and have good grip and balance. They tip the scales at 68 and 69 grams respectively.

Get your hands onto these two Great hearts of Africa