Joseph Rodgers 'Barber's King' straight razor (VR9)

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To most razor users Joseph Rodgers and sons razors need no introduction, they are one of the most sought after and collected brands, mostly loved for the shave quality they offer. This guy is named 'Barber's king' and quite an unusual razor, it has a thin tang and a stabilizer at the heel, most JR&S razors have wider tangs that flows into the blade. The blade does look a bit worn down, but the size of the dainty scales says to me this razor was made small to begin with. I reckon this is a great razor for getting into small places or for doing delicate trimming, but it will certainly also do the job of shaving your entire face. A great buy for someone looking for a small, light razor with a maneuverable blade.

The razor weighs 27 grams, it's faux ivory scales are still in very good nick and has a cool 'King's razor' stamp on it. We have removed all corrosion, and the spine has a medium amount wear on it, the bevel is quite nice and uniform, indicating a straight, well ground blade that should be easy to maintain The blade is 3/8ths in height, and has a cutting edge of around 70 mm.

*Vintage razors are priced according to model and availability, time spent cleaning and reconditioning and time/level of honing. Please enquire if you need additional work done to this razor prior to purchase. All straight razors will require a stropping on a leather strop before every use. Pics are unedited (detail) and provide a true image of the condition of the razor.