Kameelperd's kick shaving soap.

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The Giraffe has the kick of 10 horses rolled into one, so treat this soap with a bit of 'tactile finesse' or it will have you watering from your eyes and crying for your mama! 

The Kameelperd has a thumping kick, just as this soap has an anthill sized mound of menthol in it, and will give you a wallop of a kick when you lather up. The longer it stays on your skin, the more intense the sensation will become. If you only want a brief interaction with the Kameelperd you should bowl lather this soap, apply and shave, very quickly if need be... Face lathering will bring about a more pronounced effect, which will also intensify the longer you face lather. If you got sensitive skin rather do a patch test with this beast prior to covering half your head in the icy chill!

This bowl was lathered up with a 26 High mountain white knot in a Blesbuck horndle. 

Ingredients: Glycerine base, pure cold pressed coconut oil from the source in Mozambique, Bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay, Peppermint oil, Menthol crystals and SA coffee. For a full list of ingredients of our Glycerine base, please refer to the bottom of our FAQ page, also read our FAQ page on how best to use our soap.



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