Kamisori style Feather Artist club SS Model ACS-NB

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Unmatched quality is one thing the Japanese are well known for, Kamisori razors are another and here is an example of the two rolled into one! This straight edge razor with replaceable blades (shavette) eliminates the use of a strop and stone to maintain the razor's edge, while still giving the classic feel of a fixed blade shave.

The Kamisori style razor should be a winner for those who want to experience the feel of an old school Japanese shave with modern tech Japanese hardware. a High end product that consists of superb SUS 316 stainless steel blade components, it has a rounded tip and moderate blade exposure for a softer and smoother shave, its features include a spring-loaded one-touch mechanism in the blade head for easy disassembly and cleaning, and a 'no touch' blade handling system.
The black handle on this razor is made from black silicon rubber, resistant to temperatures up to 135 degrees centigrade. This model 156 mm long, and weighs 44 grams.