King of the bowl in African Blackwood (ABB88)

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If huge lathers made in a bowl is your thing you need lost of hair working the soap into a sudsy frenzy, this badboy has lots of hair, and fine ones at it! Crowned with a 30 mm Silvertip knot this brush is not the best face latherer, but give it soap and a bowl and it will outclass most other brushes to produce a luxurious, sheeny lather that can be painted onto the face in a bold, thick manner. African Blackwood and white resin is the theme that delivers something unique yet simple, nothing fancy here, just good 'ol simple Africa in your hands. 

The brush stands 140 mm tall, with the loft at 62 mm. It has a diameter of around 40 mm around the collar and 26 mm around the waist. The brush weighs 112 grams and is fitted with a 30 mm Silvertip knot.