Kletterkees (Drunk baboon)

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The newest kid on the block is our mutton tallow base soap, as set out in the summary of this collection page, it has qualities different than that of beef tallow, it is a new avenue we have strolled into and we will continue to explore and experiment with it. This base will also be presented in the aluminium container once we have finalized the last touches, for now we do not anticipate any changes to the base formulation, but there may be some cosmetic changes in terms of colour and apperance. Please do try this new product and leave detailed reviews, the more we get the better know which way to steer the ship, to us it is a great shaving soap base, but chances are it may very well be improved upon, recipes can be adjusted in millions of ways, and it is unlikely we have found the best possible base in the first few tries, with your help this one may venture into the hallowed halls of talented tallow titans.

Kletterkees is all about drunk baboons and the fruity goodness of the Lowveld, if you are a South African, chances are you have seen or heard about the movie called 'Beautiful people'  where some of our African animals gets sozzled on fermented Marulas, this very species of tree reperesents its fruity scent in this soap, we figured what the hell, added some more tropical fruit, Lemoenbossie to lower the sugary rush and Patchouli to act as the base for this party of note. This is the one you take out when you long for summer parties wild enough to set your farmhouse thatch on fire. 

Expect the following; Great slickness both during the shave and residual, a stronger fragranced soap in earthy, fruity flavours that will really hit you in the face when you add hot water, a brush and some elbow grease. The soap is relatively easy to lather and will give you a nice creamy, sheeny consistency in about 60 seconds, but feel free to spend a bit more time lathering the sweet nectar all over your face. The base has a soft, creamy consistency, and I enjoy using my stiffer brushes like boar and two bands that results in a quicker pick-up to the brush, turning the brush upright and inverting the tub can help with the softer bristle brushes that needs a few extra rounds to have the soap join the merry-go-round. This is too me personally one of my favourite bases when talking post shave sensation, there is really something about Mary's little lamb that makes the DADDY'S laugh and play...

Note; there was actually too much soap on the brush when I made the lather in the bowl. making it hard to work the brush without spilling the contents, I like my soap a tad more creamy, which could be achived by working the brush some more....I did enjoy the volume though, and figured it looks tempting enough as it

Ingredients: Mutton tallow, H20, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Stearic Acid, Castor oil, Kalahari Melon oil, Virgin cold pressed Coconut oil off the tree, fragrance oils and essential oils.