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The Kudu is one of the bigger buck species found in Southern Africa, they are also found up the eastern coast of the continent, with a few roaming around in Central Africa. It is a stunning animal with curled horns, and a massive jump, even from the standing position. As this animal breaches game fencing so easily, it is well known for causing accidents in areas where they roam, as they often graze over several farms crossing national roads. Their colour much resembles that of tarmac, making them very difficult to spot when driving at night. This antelope has a generous kick, and that is the same with our medium intensity mentholated shaving soap, it has a medium amount of menthol in it, and will give you a proper kick in the face when you lather up. The longer it stays on your skin, the more intense the sensation will become. If you only want a light tingling effect you should bowl lather this soap, apply and shave, face lathering will bring about a more pronounced effect, which will also intensify the longer you face lather.

Invite the Kudu into your home to give your shaving routine a thump in the right direction!

Changing animal behaviour by human interaction is not only stupid and ignorant, but it could prove disastrous for the visitors to follow. One swipe of those horns will leave you like an opened up onesie, guts all over the floor! Talking about onesies, check out Ginger Billy's cool onesie!

Ingredients: Glycerine base, pure cold pressed coconut oil from the source in Mozambique, Bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay, Peppermint oil, Menthol crystals and SA coffee. For a full list of ingredients of our Glycerine base, please refer to the bottom of our FAQ page, also read our FAQ page on how best to use our soap.



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