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This large shaving box is for the person who wants to store more items than you would typically use for your daily shave, it has an open volume and the new owner would mor than likely choose a collection of shaving goods and then buy some high density foam and make cut-outs for every single item. This box would also be ideal for the person wanting to store his favourite collection of safety or straight razors, all lined up like sardines in a can, and one might even be able to do two levels, depending on their size and orientation. The box has a huge mirror, and using it on a table while shaving sitting down is super easy. The origin of the timber is unknown to us, but appears to be Spalted maple top and sides and English oak on the bottom. It is finished in a durable polyurethane finish and should last for many decades when cared for.

The box's inner dimensions are; 50 mm deep, 305 mm across and 182 mm from front to back. 

Boxes may vary in appearance, size and shape, ask for dimensions and pics if required. Price is for the box only, please inquire about any additional products.