Laser double edged blades.

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Laser is a fairly unknown brand made in India and marketed globally from the UK. This is a stainless steel blade that has chromium coated edges and has a fairly good reviews globally. Will the blade work for you? Like all blades... you will never know until you try! Blades are cheaper than chips, so you got absolutely zip to loose by trying our entire range to find your favorite.

We recently found the Platinum version and figured why not? Either model will find some favor with some of our customers.


Customer Reviews

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Exceptionally good and versatile.

I feel that both the Super Stainless and Super Platinum are very similar.

Aggressiveness: Medium
Smoothness: 9/10
Closeness of Shave: 9.5/10
Efficiency: 9/10
Drop-off after each shave: Slight