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This is a graceful fragrance in our new range, subtle, strong, non invasive and gentle, much like the last Elly in the Knysna forest this fragrance is dedicated to. The mysterious Knysna elephants herd is story in itself that runs like a thread through centuries of history of our country, and sadly looks as if it has come to its end. I am hopeful that these legendary creatures will be re-introduced to this habitat as we come to our senses and realize humans and animals have to share  habitats and live in harmony as we are all interconnected. These herds have been notoriously hard to track for decades, their clandestine movements and silent nature has effectively had very little impact on the human populations and habitats around them, yet we chose to eradicate these animals for their ivory and our 'glory'. Let's hope current and future generations will wake up to the plight of these gentle creatures.

This Elly trunks in the top notes of Bergamot, Apple and Cinnamon, while the medium notes are Tageta, Geranium and Clove. The base notes stomps in with a woody charge and features Olivewood, Sandalwood, Cederwood and Vetiver.  If smell was a rock song, I'll match this one up with 'I won't back down'  by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers . The summer version (frosted bottle) feels like a fresh, foresty dew over one's cheeks that lasts well into your day, apply when freshly shaved and while your face is still well moisturized for best effect.

The shaving soap is made using our trusty Glycerin base, we might expand this to other bases (tallow/plant based/all natural) if market demands for it. The ingredients are listed in the pics, we omitted 'natural essential oils', so please be aware of that. We lather up this big bodied soap with an olive brush as Olivewood is also part of the fragrance composition, the boar bristles lathered up a beautiful, slick lather, in our Elly-bowl, as white and bright as the ivory on a bull that has just debarked a mighty Baobab tree. a Solid cologne and a roll-on type deodorant might be added soon enough.

This aftershave is alcohol based, with a mixture of natural and synthetic oils. We tried to get it to a level where it is not as drying as many alcohol based aftershaves out there, but also not too oily. The fragrance oils used are added in a higher concentration that is used by most brands, so the fragrance is strong and lasting, we are not fans of an aftershave that start limping after 60 minutes, so we zapped some extra energy into these formulations. We hope you love these products, please leave some reviews right below this paragraph, as your feedback is our only gauge on how to improve or adjust our products.