Earthenware Lathering bowl/shaving soap bowl

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One's shaving bowl can be used to receive your favorite shaving soap, used to work up a lather to your liking, and also to soak your hardware prior to your shave. Our soap also likes to be lathered right on top of it. How you prefer to use it is entirely up to you, but the fact is they go hand in hand with rock and roll shaves. This bowl is made of steel and finished in green enamel, steel won't break when you drop it, but the enamel will more than likely pop of on the spot it made contact with a hard floor. As with many things in life, the more the wear, the cooler it might look, so drop away we say, but keep on using it! Its a smallish bowl, and by pure coincidence it receives our house brand of shaving soaps like SARS your revenue, eagerly and easily...   It measures 110 mm wide and 50 mm high, and the two ears and smaller diameter makes it easy to grip and handle.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome bowl

A wonderful bowl that easily fits the Bunubeard puck.

The mouth of this bowl is pleasantly wide and could accommodate any brush. It is a bit on the shallow side (as advertised). The handles make for an easy grip.

Green gem.

This enamel bowl is just what a man needs , unbreakable, strong, and won't look out of place in the bathroom. Bundu's soap pug fits perfect and in emergency you can use it as a soup bowl.