Left handed African Kami in Blesbuck horndle, AK3

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Our African Kamis is a new range of razors that are meant to fill a void in our local market, as with many new product lines, cost to customer was a huge criteria. Our main aim is to collaborate with  Andre from Grobler Cutlery to produce a handmade Kami for around 2 to 3k. Off course we had to limit the time spent on fit and finish, but you will certainly get something different. To me personally, a huge problem with this style of razor has always been grip and the dimensions of the tang, many South African men will feel the same as we have some big blokes rolling around in 4x4's. I am fully aware many shavers dances their Kami's lightly over their stubble like a ballerina executing an Assemblé and that is all good, but I line-dance the bastard over my cheeks with the finesse of boot-wearing beer-chugging folks who are simply out for a cracking time and making some noise, so I need something to hold on to!

An east meets west style razor, and for good measure we slapped on some horndles to ensure an own identity, this razor has a Blesbuck horndle that is 105 mm long and a large diameter grip suitable for bigger hands. The natural ridges of the horn, and also the curve in the horndle itself makes for a great right handed grip, suiting the right-hand grind beautifully.

This blade is made of O1 tool steel, it has been tempered and hardened to 61-63 RC. The spine is 5.6 mm wide, with a cutting edge that is 50 mm long, the blade stands around 29 mm high, with an overall razor length of 170 mm and total weight of 112 grams.

The stand is in Meranti, we particularly like the mount on the horn tip, one places the cavity in the handle over the tip and guide the blade down into the stand, it certainly makes putting the blade away without causing damage a lot easier!

Razor and stand comes in at under 300 grams.