Lion blades for Safety Razor

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Also a very good option for inhabitants of the good ol' RS of A, a local product that does well in the mid-range market, also a very good blade for the price you pay. Let us support our local manufacturers, we will happily endorse this product. 


Customer Reviews

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Not worth a try

These blades are by far the worst I have ever used. I believe they are designed to nick you so that you may appreciate higher quality blades.

Jacques Badenhorst
Good value

I found these blades to do the job just fine. I dont have the toughest beard around but worked well for me. Well worth a try at the cost.

Ahmed Asmal
An insult to rocks, does other stuff just not close shaves.

Obsidian is one of the sharpest materials around. You could get a good shave with it, at the risk of slicing off skin, digits or both. You can not with this blade. It’s alright to shave really long hair, ahead of a decent blade. Or to shear body hair. Wouldn’t trust it for much else. Used the blades as a letter opener. Worked for that too. I’d be curious as to whether, after a good strop, the blades would perform better. I’m unfortunately not curious enough to try it myself, as I’ve already been let down but this blade.

Andrew Dawson
Stone age

These are like shaving with a rock! Worst blades ever.