Made in England Gillette 1930's New LC open end (V345)

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Score!!!! You need a line in the water and if there is a bite you must MOVE, when you do, you do you pick up stuff like this. This set was hidden in a lot we purchased, so it was an absolute delight to find this relatively scarce model of Gillette in fairly good condition with an original card in the lid to boot!

The Gillette New deluxe was the range that started around 1929 after the 'Old type' and 'New improved ranges' The range was made for around 16 years and the major upgrade was a slot in the cap and ridge in the guard that prevents any misalignment when inserting or changing a blade.

These razors are not plentiful and I can only assume this was on account of the great depression when wealth and spending was in short supply, add to the fact that Gillette sold millions of the 'Old Type' in the previous two decades and there are still many of them alive today, and the 'glitch in supply' seems logical.

It is a good looking razor for sure with very little plate loss, in the fact the cap looks better than any I have had in my hands. The comb has two teeth that is slightly bent, but this will not impact your shave at all, and it would be wise to keep the set as is it's original condition. If you so wish, we will be on the lookout for a similar comb as they were offered on a few other models, finding a plate with a perfect smile should not be too hard.

Bag this Brit brother!