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Vintage razor number 300 and we had to get something unique into this slot! The Handy  B-P Folding handle razor from the good ol' U.S.A. was made in 1920 this by Bigelow Parkin Co., Pittsburg, Pensylvania.

American patent No. 1376759 was granted 3 May 1921 and filed 9 Sep 1919, the application was done by owner Christian E. A. Gronbech, from Woodhaven, NY. 

At around 100 years old this is a very nifty piece of history to own, the razor takes 'everyday' double edged blades, this and the fact that it is very small and compact makes it a practical razor to own, over and above the coolness and scarcity of it.

The razor weighs 32 grams and dimensions are 10 mm x 53 mm. The teeth are in good nick and the razor functions like it should, with plating still in very good shape. If it was mine I'd certainly have a nice leather pouch made for it