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South Africans love starting fires, whether it is to light up your wood for the braai, charcoal for your potjie, or your school because the teacher told you to behave, we burn stuff like no other nation on earth. Starting a fire and having a Mopani or Kameeldoring aroma waft through the air also has me throwing my intention to curb my CO2 emission overboard and burning loads of the stuff to simply enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fire. In my defense, I do make up for it by adopting a vegan lifestyle for 30 seconds every day, usually right after my steak supper. This little bugger runs on lighter fluid and will give you thousands of repeat uses (suppliers claims). I fill it with 1 ml of fuel at a time, and it works a treat. We prefer it to lighters as you do not create any plastic waste that needs to be discarded when it is empty, it also provides the solution for the 'start-my-fire-turn-lighter-upside-down-burn-my-finger' problem, and hey, it looks pretty cool to. It burns better in windy conditions than disposable lighters, and has a handy clip to attach it to your braai, keys, or any other place you find handy for safe storage.