Matumi in Bodger (CB90)

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Bodger?! a Boar & Badger a mix we are trying out to see if it finds a following. The boar adds BTB (Big time backbone) while the badger retains a bit more water, and takes the edge off the tough ol' pig bristles. Too soft for your typical Karoo farmer, and way too hard for a Metroman, but there is plenty diversity in between who would take to this combination. I like to use this brush after a night out with the boys to get the last alcohol out of my system, it exfoliates the alcohol out of the blood cells changing your complection from a red faced  turkey to that of a 1920's black and white movie starlet (take this to Mythbusters if you like but please mention our brand!). a Matumi lightweight at 48 grams in weight. It measures 110 mm tall, with a 26 mm Bodger knot lofting at 55 mm.The goggos got hold of this one good and proper! Give it a dab of wood polish or oil whenever you feel the need.