Matumi with a silvertip hairstyle (CB84)

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Matumi is one of the lightest bushveld timber species I have worked with, quick to turm and sand, but the dust wreaks havoc on your 'air intake' Realistically we should charge double for these brushes to cover future medical expenses! It is a very interesting wood, very light, yet untreated blanks in my workshop shows no sighs of deterioration after years of shelf life. The timber sometimes offers as much, if not more interesting patterns than burl, but can also be dead boring. This brush has quite a personality, we love the pieces of Matumi that has been bored by insects most, they add some character. Us, the insects and the tree 'collaborated' to bring you this brush, love my business partners! The timber was sourced from the Limpopo province. a Lightweight at 51 grams in weight and it measures 115 mm tall, with a Silvertip badger knot lofting at 55 mm