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Supermax blades work for a very wide audience of users, their blades are cheap and do what they are supposed to do. Withing the SuperMax range we now offer 4 grades of blades, be sure to give them all a go to find your favorite. Remember, price and general opinion is not the deciding factor when it comes to choosing an every-day blade, face-feel during and after your shave, and also your preferred cutting action/feel should be first priority, so get testing and tune in your senses to identify the pros and cons of every blade.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The only blade I buy

This is a great blade and I only buy this. Always gives me a clean and comfortable shave. I only use a blade once.

Super Good

Supermax Blue Diamond is by far the best value of all the options with a perfect sharpness. I have loaded my blade a week ago and still a super smooth shave. Maybe it is the combination with the Parker Soap I use.

Sean Sloan
Super Subjective

One should be cautioned when reading reviews about razor blades and, equally, writing reviews about razor blades.

The blade itself is hands down the most subjective component of the shave and what works for one person may not for the other. This is why test packs exist.

I started out with the Super-Max Super Stainless for my first few shaves and it treated me really well. The Super-Max Blue Diamond consistently performs as one of my best blades in all my tools, from my Merkurs to my Blacklands.

I implore you to try them and make up your mind for yourself!

Super cheap and super bad

I've seen decent reviews for the Super Max Blue Diamond blades elsewhere. Thought they might be some hidden gems at their super low price point.

Sadly, they have to go down as the worst blades I've tried so far. Even on the most aggressive plate for my Rockwell 6C they really struggle to cut facial hair. They're not smooth across the skin either - unlike Derby blades.

They're the cheapest blades around and in this case it really tells in performance.