Merkur 39C 'Barber pole slant'

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This is the 38c with a bit of Boerboel in it. Slanted razors are well known for being the best otion for tough beard and guys who wants to mow down heavy growth in a single pass. This razor has a chromed finish complemented with a lightly knurled handle spiraling downwards, similar to a barber pole. Some beaded decorations around the base and top of the handle to adds some weight and finishes off its appearance beautifully. The razor disassembles similarly to other 3 piece razors, only with a longer shaft on the head, with the bottom dial tightening up the setup rather than the handle itself. It weighs in at quite a hefty 111 grams, and measures around 103 mm long. Razor classification is 'aggressive', please read our FAQ page to get an understanding for the term. Quite a beast this one!

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