Merkur 45 Bakelite safety razor


R 445.00
This is about as light as it gets for a non-disposable razor, if travelling light is an absolute requirement this bad boy will add a mere 14 grams to your baggage. Also a short bugger at 89 millimeters, but nothing radical as there are many other razors sporting this length, it is quite a popular size for most users. This is a mild razor providing a good shave, the blade alignment looks pretty good and loaded with a blade the fit-up looks snug and square. Its available only in a mottled maroon-red colour, but looks quite pretty and will certainly stand out when lined up in a 'razor parade' It comes in a handy travel case should you have  the need for such, it also includes a 10-pack of blades that will knock out a generous amounts of shaves. The blades are in a hard cased pack that can be used over and over, it even has a slot to accept used/blunt blades, a very handy travel companion indeed! The total weight for the razor, case and blade pack is less than 60 grams.

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