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Boerseep is like good wine, as it matures it just gets better. 

The Voortrekkers originally produced “boerseep” during their move from the Cape Province inland. They used all the fat from the animals they slaughtered, and cooked in big pots until all the fat came loose from the bones and meat.  The pot was let to cool down and the fat was cut from the top part of the pot.  

This traditional soap recipe is all about being organic, caustic soda was produced by using the ash of certain bushes. The ash was filtered in water until it crystallized and formed caustic soda. The melted clean fat and caustic soda water were mixed together until it had the consistency of honey. The next day loafs of soap were cut and let to dry. 

As an awesome all-rounder this product is good for people with skin sensitive to many modern day chemicals. It is soft on the skin and has worked to clear up skin conditions where the change was made, I have not tried 'Die ware Jakob' as a shaving soap yet, but it makes for a damn good body routine.

To clean dish cloths, white pillow covers and other white garments, rub the item in with soap and hang it in the sun with the soap still in.  As soon as it is hard from the sun, wash it in your machine.  The item will be white again.

Boerseep is wonderful to clean stainless steel kitchen items and will not leave the white stripes as traditional ammonia products does.  

Boerseep will clean these common stains: Grass, oil, blood, wine, rust, ink, fat and curry. These soaps come in handy sizes 120/140 grams (small), 340/380 grams (1/3) and the loaf weighs 360 to 440 grams

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Great soap!

I have a pretty unique skin condition and have been on the hunt for good soaps for a very long time, this boer seep really works great and make you feel squeaky clean! I can definitely recommend it!