Minora '3-peg razor blades'

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Another rarity in the wet shaving kingdom, and to crown it all this one from local bottom! Minora is probably the single most popular word to describe wetshaving in South Africa, and what we have the origin of it, the box has British patent numbers on it, while the individual packets have patent numbers from the Union of South Africa, how cool is that!  

The blades are 6 in a pack, and from the orientation of the holes/openings one can tell this is stuff grandpa used to shave with, not dad! By looking at the patent number I am guessing these blades are around 90 years old, classic Saffer shaving history right here!

The box specifies that no one is allowed to sell these blades for more or less than the indicated price, please don't split on us, we are feeling rebellious and have now succombed to 'Breaking the law'!

What a find!

Price is per pack of 6 blades.