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The name 'Minora' is very well known in South Africa, in fact for most folks a 'Minora razor' refers to any razor using double edged blades. These razors and blades were the most popular (and probably cheapest) shaving system in most areas of the land. Funny enough the actual Minora razors are very scarce, with way more other brands of vintage razors in circulation. My best guess on dating this razor would be late 50's to late 70's much the same as the aluminium Gillette tech.

It is an open comb razor with an aluminium handle making it quite light, and this razor is in great condition, if you want a bit of local shaving history in your hands this is a good canditate!

The razor stands 78 mm high and weighs 32 grams.


Customer Reviews

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Edouard de Villiers
Surprisingly good and unique

This razor is quite light, having an aluminium handle similar to the last production runs of British-made Gillette Tech razors.
The head seems to be stamped brass, based on the Gillette Tech head, but with an open comb instead of the usual solid safety bar. The razor clamps DE blades well, with enough surface area pressing together on blades.
Blade reveal is middle-of-the-road, but blade exposure is a little bit more than what you'd see with most Techs.
I think the open comb definitely helped the razor perform better, since my shave with it was much more pleasing and closer than what I've gotten with my Techs. I wouldn't consider this a daily/regular use kind of razor, since there are better current production razors out there, but it's a nice unique piece that works well enough.