Moonscape scuttle

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One of our favorite items, especially in winter! If you lather in a bowl this will take your shaving comfort to a next level and give you that warm fuzzy feeling when you apply the slippery stuff. This one of a kind ceramic scuttle is filled with hot water which in turn keeps the contents of the scuttle, (your lather) nice and warm. Hot lather also releases more fragrance into the the space you are in, so if fuller fragrances is something that you like, this will have your bathroom smelling very nice when paired up with a good soap. It goes without saying that it can be used for a 'normal' lather also, no need to fill it with hot water every time you use it. The bumps on the inside makes for quicker lathers with more foam/cream, so it will be a welcome addition to any person who have been lathering in a smooth bowl. Its a big bowl at 14 cm across, so you can build up a serious amount of the white stuff. The brush pictured win the photos is one of our bigger brushes with a 28 mm knot, so this baby will pair up with any shaving brush. I like using it sitting in the palm of my hand with my thumb securing my grip through the ear of the scuttle, the base has a raised foot that allows for my four fingers to get a good grip on it. It weighs 660 grams when empty, so not something you are likely to travel with, but certainly something to look forward to when you come home, like a home-cooked meal, or a darling wife who has been craving your touch! 

a Set of instructions is included in the bottom of the box.