Mopane shaving soap container

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If you need something a bit more classical than plastic for your favorite shaving soap try out this lidded container. Simply grate up your favorite soap (or part of it) and chuck it into the bowl, press it down a bit with your fingers and viola, you are ready to make suds! Fill this container up to a third of its volume to allow for the maximum surface area to load your brush from. The nature of shaving brushes suits this shape well and loading up is a breeze through the narrower opening, pressing the brush onto the soap with a light motion will see it flare open and do its dance inside the container, sucking up loads of the slippery stuff. Mopane is some of the densest and hardest wood Africa has to offer, and is still used by many rural families for construction purposes as it is termite resistant. It is a major food source for many animals, including 'Limpopo's favorite snack' the Mopane worm. 

a Chunky piece, weights vary between 500 grams and 1 kg, and sizes are 120 to 140 mm wide and 110 to 130 mm high to the top of the lid.